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Tips That Can Help You Win at Sports Betting

With the college football and NFL seasons currently taking place, not to mention, the ongoing 2019 World Series
and NHL and NBA seasons in their early stage, betting fans should start looking for some betting advice that could
potentially put money in your pocket consistently regardless of the league or sports you are betting on. So let’s
take a look at some basic tips that must consider if you are really looking to improve your sports betting handicap.

Do some research, look for injuries and replacements
One of the most common mistakes among online sports bettors is betting without knowing the injury status of
both, the team they plan on backing – or the opponent they’re wagering against.
For instance, you probably don’t want to back the Kansas City Chiefs if you know that Patrick Mahomes II is
sidelined, but you probably want to bet on whoever there are playing against.
Checking weekly injury reports and knowing who’s slightly banged-up and who’s at 100 percent before you invest
your bankroll is mandatory, so stay away from hunches and start going after real facts.

Home Dogs can be Valuable Somehow
Road underdogs are super risky, but that’s not necessarily the case with home dogs. Having the home advantage
can give teams something to play for, after all, every team will do whatever it takes to protect their home record
and make their home fans happy. If a home underdog isn’t overmatched by a superior rival or if the spread is way
too large to ignore it, then it’s probably a good idea to bet some bucks on a dog and make some extra cash on the

Bet on Teams that are Having a Momentum or Teams on the Rise
No matter the sport or the league, teams can always go on a winning streak. It does not matter if the team is
covering, betting the money line on winning teams always makes sense. Perhaps the risk vs return isn’t that
wonderful, but a sure bet is always welcome, and this is one of the easiest ways to put money in your pocket.
Two good examples of teams like these would be the San Francisco 49ers and the New England Patriots, who both
are undefeated after 7 weeks of NFL Action. Also, look for teams on the rise or that are having winning runs, for
example the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints. Betting on solid winners may not be as profitable as
going for long underdogs, but they do help you to build a strong bankroll.

Do not Patch Losing Bets with More Bets
There is a mandatory rule that every sports betting fan should look to implement: When things aren’t as expected,
you need to make fewer choices, not more. One of the oldest mistakes that most of us tend to make is trying to
cushion losses with more bankroll-draining bets, and that isn’t necessarily a good strategy or a way to recoup your
After dealing with a losing round, day or week, the key is to make fewer, but smarter, bets. Pick two or three
games instead of going for dozens of events or games every week. Of course, if you’re really ‘feeling it’ then go
ahead and ride that winning streak until you can’t do it anymore.

Don’t Bet on Hunches or Make Bets with your Guts
Last but not least, perhaps the most important tip you need to keep in mind is to never, ever, ever, under any
circumstances, make a wager with your guts or bet on hunches. This may sound too simple, but you’d never

believe how many bettors make wagers on some of their favorite teams based on what they ‘feel’ instead of
making an informed decision based on stats, facts trends, odds analysis, etc. Never bet on your favorite team if you
want to start making bets with your head.