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5 Potential Risks On Running Bookie Business

Anyone who might be interested in becoming an online bookie agent must be aware of these potential risks. Knowing these risks could help you to be more prepared before starting out your own business and grow successfully.

1. Per Head Scams

It’s very important to work with a reliable per head company. That is the reason why you have to choose VIPPerHead.com considering our more than 10 years of expertise and credibility. We provide the best software and support to make our customers become successful.

Here are some characteristics that you may find out that you’ve been taken advantage of by a per head company:

  • Unreasonably high “Per Head” fees
  • Paying extra for using different features of tools
  • Bad customer service

Those are all indicators to show that the per head company may not be what they claim to be.

2. Financial Losses

Bookies could usually make money running the personal sportsbook because the usual 10% juice on against the spread bets is a huge advantage for sportsbook operation. However, always keep in mind that every business could have the risk of losing money and bookie business is not an exception. Do not be overconfident and be cautious all the time.

3. Competition

Competition in this online sportsbook industry is intense. There’s always a new individual running sportsbook who is able to steal your customers anytime. If you’re not willing to keep up with your competitors, you almost certainly won’t succeed as a bookie agent.

4. Players Betting Over The Limit

An important point to be highlighted for you is that there could be chances that one of your players gets in too deep on betting. In other words, there’s a high probability that one of your players owes you way more money than what he/she is capable of to repay you.

Fortunately, VIPPerHead has already considered this problem and then created the alert tool. This alert tool notifies bookie agents earlier than a settle limit has been reached.

5. Time Investment

Relying on all the benefits that PPH company can provide to you, however, running your own sportsbook still requires your time dedication in order to be successful. First of all, think about your time. How much time do you have, and whether you are willing to spend it on running the bookie business? How successful do you want to be as a PPH agent and then make the decisions based on your personal sportsbook.

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