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Must know Pay Per Head information

Pay per head service
Pay per head is a service that facilitates the bookies at reasonable rates. It is similar to exchange
of bookmaking software for a weekly payment per player. Modern bookie takes advantage of
pay per head service to run the business. Pay per head is legal in some countries but it is illegal
too in some areas. Pay per head is also known as price per head. It is basically a software
solution that enables bookies to work online without spending more money. A client-based
business that is growing and demanding day by day then there will be a need alternative
generated stat software. Pay per Head is the best alternative service for bookie agents to
manage their several operations like betting, taking odds and giving money to the winners. Pay
per Head makes work easier.
Why should be Pay Per Head preferred?
A bookie must have knowledge about Pay per Head information to get benefits from this
service. Everything has some characteristics likewise Pay per Head. There are some pros and
cons, on the basis of which you can compare that why PPH is preferred, these are listed below:
• Technology
Technology invention is increasing day by day. Technology helps to grow any business
rapidly. Pay per head links the business with technology and helps the clients to bet
online. It plays a vital role in online market.
• Software
Pay per Head service is actually a software service. Pay per head service allows the
agents to take part in online business. Make easy to manage bets, taking odds and
managing money for the winner clients. It helps the clients to get online results of the
game and also manage their accounts clearly.
• Security
Secrecy is an important thing in every kind of business. Pay per head secure data of
client as well as business. Pay per head mostly uses private website that keeps the data
secure and also makes possible for the clients to retrieve their account online.

• Retention of old clients and making new clients

Pay per Head service makes business easier in terms of operations and in terms of
retention of clients for long term. Fair dealing with clients in a reasonable margin is the
demand of business it can be a cause for attracting new markets and clients.

• Cost-cutting
Pay per Head service also reduces the cost of a bookie business. It can help to put down
the anxiety of agents about paying rent, services, making a huge investment in
infrastructure and technology.
Here is some disadvantage of the pay per head:
• Pay per Head service is actually a customized software service, if an agent is running
large operation and want to get special requirement for a particular task then it will be
not possible in this type of software.
• Pay per Head gives service to a large market place due to this it can don’t provide a
high-quality service which a customer and agent want.
How to Select Right Pay per Head service
When business makes decision to give responsibility to third-person there must be a need for
choosing right Pay per Head service. Select on that Pay per head service which adopts the
requirements and maintains the budget of business.
Here are some aspects that a business should always take into consideration:
• High-quality service offer to the customer.
• Experienced, trained and knowledgeable staff.
• Must select the customize software that meets requirements and easy to use.
• Must inquire backups, security terms, confidentiality, and firewalls.
• Site is also an important factor if an agent has existing business then it is necessary that
Pay per head service will give simple way to shift data on that business site. In case,
business needs a new site then Pay per head service should be able to provide ability to
build new site according to business requirements. Pay per head service should build a
business site that can easily access all devices like, laptops, desktops as well as cell

• The payment method is also an important point to avoid any type of problem. The
business agent should inquire all payment methods, terms and conditions, and different
cost presenting options.
• Last but not least, Pricing about per head service. The Pay per head service should be
the focus on the commitment of per head payment price.
Top 3 Pay Per Head Service Providers
• Real Bookies
Real bookie is considered as a reliable Pay per head service that provides a one-stop-shop to all
local bookies for all types of requirements. For retention of old clients and attraction of new
clients an existing, as well as new bookie, can use real bookie services. Real bookies services
help online betting by offering a cost-effective solution for better and best services. Real bookie
service saves time, cost and money.
• 24-7 PPH
24-7 pay per head service leads the Pay per Head service market. It helps a bookie to provide
end-to-end solutions of setting up the account within mints after signing up and paying
registration fee for its activation. After activation of account, 24-7 PPH sets the betting limits
and sets up the players on the system. 24-7 PPH handles all the betting tasks. But there is no
online payment system, therefore bookie should collect payments itself.
It provides all in one solution, where software operates all the tasks like updating live odds,
online betting, etc. This software provides ease for bookie website with help of “ready to use
casino”. Pay per head software can increase the revenues of clients and gives them opportunity
to maximize their money by making activities.
• A1 PPH
A1 PPH is also a strong market getter Pay per head service. It has betting stats for both parties’
bookies and clients. Robust technology support makes it one of most trusted names in the pay
per head market. This software is easy and simple to use. There is nothing difficult you can easily
sign up it & run it.