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Game Schedules and Why They Are a Must Have for Sports Bettors

There is more than one to maximize your profits when it comes to betting on NFL football. These days, sports bettors have access to all kinds of information such as relevant injuries, starting lineups, player suspensions, as well as statistical data like ATS trends, game totals and scoring trends, home and road records and regular season straight-up team success.  


But in addition to all these info sources, betting enthusiasts should also know that one of the most insightful and powerful tools they can use to assist their handicapping efforts and future bets is the game calendar.


With that in mind, lets find out how can you incorporate the calendar to your betting and the best ways to use it to plan your coming bets.  


Look for SU Success and Weekly Trends

Luckily, there are many sites where you can look and analyze SU and ATS trends for any team in any particular week. For instance, let’s say you’re planning on taking the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football. You can run a search and find out how the Cowboys have fared in their last 10 Prime Time games, and check how they’ve done in their last couple of Monday Night performances, points scored as well as permitted, both at home and away.


Make sure to Check Team’s Records Against Divisional Rivals

So let’s say you want to bet on the Carolina Panthers in their Week 3 matchup at road against Tampa Bay, their Week 5 home date against the Buccaneers and their Week 9 road date at Atlanta.


You can easily look up Carolina’s head-to-head record against all three opponents, and the best way to do it is by looking back at their record against divisional rivals and find out how the Panthers have gone at home and on the road against the Bucs and how they’ve done on the road at Atlanta. You can also look at how the Panthers have fared in Weeks 3, 5 and 9 and vice versa for all three of their NFC South division rivals.


Head-to-Head Records are Relevant

Let’s say we want to place a bet on the New England Patriots Regular Season Wins.  The first thing any bettor should do in this situation is to check the calendar and determine what games may cost a potential loss or provide a win for the Pats.

Count every game in where New England stands a chance. Have the Pats traditionally beaten the Jets and Bills at home over the years while struggling on the road against Pittsburgh or Detroit? Look carefully for those games in where they’ve dominated – or been dominated – by their regular season rivals. Whatever the case, you can improve your chances and look ahead – by looking back at New England‘s head-to-head success against their calendar rivals.  


Look for Streaking or Struggling Teams

There are a few simple ways to use the NFL schedule to your betting advantage, and the most common is to bet on teams with strong SU home records playing limping teams or teams with a bad road record. Let’s say it is already week 11 and you’re planning on betting on the Los Angeles Rams taking on the Chicago Bears at home. Are the Rams streaking heading into the contest? How have they  gone in their previous six home games? Has Chicago put together a winning or a losing record over the same span? 


Ask yourself these questions, because the answers will determine your winning chances heading into any particular week of football betting action.


Inter-Conference Games

Here’s another scenario: You are backing the San Francisco 49ers this coming season when they take on the Pittsburgh Steelers at home in 2019 or against the Baltimore Ravens on the road. The best way to start is by looking San Francisco’s Inter-conference records, whether it’s their SU record or ATS trends before going on to see how the Niners have performed when playing against both AFC opponents in recent seasons. You can also check out the San Francisco’s home and road Inter-conference stats to make sure your bet on the 49ers  – or their opponents – will guarantee a juicy return.