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Can anyone become an online bookie?

Of course! If you’re interested in how to become a online bookie, we recommend you to know about sports and the sports betting industry.

Are you a Sportsbook?

No, we are a per Head Company that provides professional sportsbook services for bookmakers.

How long have you been in business?

We have been operating in Costa Rica since 2010, but our staff consists on long time experienced sports betting professionals.

How long will it take to open our account?

Immediate, the same day, your account setup its just one call away.

Why should I choose your company as my sportsbook solutions provider?

Because we focus solely on providing you and your players with the best online sports betting experience on the market and we offer you Full range of betting options set to your specifications.

How does the “pay per head business model” work?

Pay per head is the business model used by online bookies. It means that you pay a set price per active player in your account per week. For example, we start at $10 per head.

How do you protect my players privacy?

We fully understand that discretion plays a vital role in this business. When your own players call us or login, all they need is a simple code – no e-mail address, contact information, or any identification is needed.

How much can I customize the limits and settings for my players?

Using our software for bookies, you’ll have full control over what limits and settings you want on your players. You have the ability to setup your players odds for a specific event to privately messaging any player or closing/opening their account at your own discretion.

Is my business protected?

We ensure security and confidentiality with 128-bit encrypted communication when players login in, triple-redundant uplinks to the internet, distributed denial of service (DDoS) and many more features that allow your bookie business to run 24/7 . Our system redundancy guarantee a 99.99% uptime.