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5 reasons why all sports betting softwares must accept Bitcoin payments

The use of virtual currencies has become popular in recent years, and Bitcoin is not indifferent to this rule. More and more apps and online stores accept payments through digital currencies, and now, online bookmakers too. And, sports betting softwares are also included in this group. -Pay Per Head-

It is impossible to deny how beneficial it can be to place sports bets using bitcoin, but if it’s not yet very clear, here are 5 reasons why all sports betting softwares must accept Bitcoin payments:

1. The procedure is anonymous: if you want to have all the privacy in the world, doing financial operations, Bitcoins can provide you with this. Usually licensed bookmakers have a bank account number in Switzerland, which allows their customers to collect or pay cryptocurrencies without any problems, and in the most private way possible. Therefore, if you request the service of sports betting software, you can be sure that the company will not investigate your personal data because the transaction through Bitcoin will be secret and secure. -Pay Per Head-

2. You don’t have to pay taxes for the profits obtained: if something characterizes digital currencies, it is that they do not represent a legal currency, therefore, when a bet is won with a bookmaker, money will not be received real – like the dollar or the euro. What does this mean? That while the money is in bitcoins, you cannot pay tax. Taxes are only collected when bitcoins have been changed to a physical currency, such as the euro or the dollar. -Pay Per Head-

3. You can play from anywhere in the world without a problem: if there is an inconvenience of online sports betting software, it is that they are usually subject to the tax legislation of the country of residence, something that can limit the possibility of the player when making bets on sites in other countries. On the other hand, when using bitcoin, it is possible to make transactions in any bookmaker that offers sports software without knowing the nationality of the player. In fact, the personal data of the bettor is totally anonymous. -Pay Per Head-

4. Increase in the price of Bitcoin: although this may generate uncertainty, the fact that the value of Bitcoin changes constantly can be useful when making transactions with sports betting software. Obviously, if there is a fall in the price of the digital currency, it is likely that, when changing it to another currency, it will receive much less than expected. But, nevertheless, if the opposite happens, you will not only be able to obtain more profits, but you will have the opportunity to increase the added value of the currency to which you want to change. In addition, if you decide to accumulate the bitcoins, you can also wait for a relevant time until the price suddenly increases – this moment, without a doubt, is the ideal to change to another currency. -Pay Per Head-

It is important that you keep in mind that the fall and rise of the price of Bitcoin can be considered an advantage or disadvantage according to the circumstances in which you are, so ideally be aware of the price as you place bets In the bookmakers. Or, on the contrary, wait a while until the price is normalized and can take advantage of it without fear of changing it at a very low rate.

5. The possibility of making withdrawals and deposits extremely fast: if you want to take advantage of bets in any of the available leagues, having the possibility of making withdrawals or fast deposits will always be an advantage. -Pay Per Head-

These are the 5 reasons why all sports betting software must accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Nowadays, the big bookmakers include all kinds of payment methods so that both bettors and bookmakers can make their transactions without any problem.

At VIPPerHead.com, sports betting software allows its customers to make payments and withdrawals through Bitcoin, something that can benefit anyone, especially business dedicated to sports betting, since they can enjoy Multiple benefits when using this service. It should be remembered, on the other hand, that sports betting software is responsible for providing information about the leagues, sports betting and horse racing available, so sometimes you can loose an unique opportunity to bet for not being able to do A bank transaction on time.

The use of digital currencies is what the future holds, and the more familiar you are with them, the more possibilities you will have to take advantage of all the services offered by a bookmaker. Sports betting softwares not only serve as support for those companies dedicated to sports betting, but also to bookmakers who are starting a career in this field and do not yet have the skills or the time to provide all the information to their customers, in real time.

Therefore, if a technological tool as efficient as this is used, it is expected that other payment alternatives can be used that can facilitate the procedure from start to finish. And what better way to use one of the most popular, quoted and used cryptocurrencies in the world? -Pay Per Head-